Breast Augmentation And Consultation At Dodream Plastic Surgery

The trip to Dodream Plastic Surgery, Seoul Korea was several years in the making for Min. Born with a slender frame, Min who is of Chinese decent, had a desire of one day showing off her beautiful, full breasts. Until her recent mammoplasty (breast augmentation) at Dodream Plastic Surgery, located in Seoul South Korea, this was just a dream.

Min’s aesthetic journey started off with a consultation with Song Jae Yong, a doctor at Dodream and a member of the Korean Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. The consultation took under an hour and Min barely needed to ask any questions, as he was so thorough with all the information. In the end, she opted for the tear drop implants that were placed through the armpit to minimize visible scarring. Dr. Song was extremely professional and knowledgeable, thus helping to fully mentally prepare Min for the procedure; Min’s nervousness eased with his gentle care.

A 12 hour fast was necessary to ensure the body handled the general anesthesia, which would put her out for a little under 4 hours. She made the final preparations- such as changing and cleaning her face- and Song placed his final marks on her body. Then lights out! While she slept, the silicone implants were inserted under the muscle of the breasts (for a more through explanation of the procedures, please check out our procedures page). The immediate after math was a bit painful and caused swelling, which Dr. Song was careful to mention during the consultation. After only one day spent in bed, Min was up and ready to perform her daily routines. Though the pain was a bit inhibitive, it was tolerable.

The next few days consisted of several check-up and taking it easy, though the results were well worth the inconvenience she explained. Min’s excitement about her new body was written all over her face during our “I am just so excited, I can’t believe I actually did this! I can’t wait to see the final results”. The implants will take a good month to settle, and the swelling should persist about the same time. “I would recommend this to any woman who wants to fight her insecurities and feel better inside her own body. Personally, I can’t wait to finally wear swimsuits, and low cut shirts”. Though, Min is indeed thrilled about showcasing her newly shaped cleavage, she insists that the operation was for no one but herself. This does seem to be the case with women who choose to undergo this operation. The vast majority of women profess to have an elevation of confidence and boost in general self-esteem, not to mention a heightened sense of sexual prowess.

For now, while she recovers, Min is busy shopping for new shirts and bikinis. For sure, this summer season will be special like never before.

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