Breast implants or breast lift? Choosing the best option for you!

There is no doubt that the breasts are the ultimate sign of femininity on women.  Often considered synonymous with sex appeal and femininity, a woman’s bust is one of the most sensual and visually appealing parts of the body.  However, for many women, they find that genetics, time, and weight can severely limit the size of their cup.  For this reason, breast procedures remain one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures offered on the market.  It is important to know the difference between the various operations offered to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

Do you want larger breasts?  Are you unsatisfied with the current shape or sagging of your breasts?  Would you like to feel more confident about yourself?  Then perhaps breast augmentations (implants are the best option for you).  Here is some basic information on the procedures.  If you would like a more through explanation about the process please visit our procedures page. As always, contacting our doctorsis the best option to determining what is best for you.

Incision and implant placement: The three most common incisions for breast augmentation include inframammary (under the fold of the breast), trans-axillary (in the armpit), or periareolar (around the nipple). Each incisional technique has its set of advantages and disadvantages.

Implant size and shape: When it comes to size and shape you have multiple options. Considerations such as your chest wall shape, your body form, your lifestyle, age, current body shape and your goals must be addressed. A board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation will be able to discuss what size and shape will suit you best. In general,

Implant types: Silicone tends to be more expensive, requires a larger incision and is a more involved surgical procedure. However, silicone implants tend to have a more natural realistic feel and are an excellent choice for a patient with very little natural breast tissue. Saline implants work well with a patient who has ample breast tissue, as it can add volume and shape without changing the feel of the breasts.

Breast Lift: What You Need To Know

Loss of breast volume usually leads to breast sagging.  Breast drooping is especially evident as women age, lose weight, have children or breast feed. A breast liftwill help correct drooping by volumetrically reshaping the breasts.

There are three types of breast lift approaches including periareolar, vertical breast reduction and inverted-T incisions. The periareolar incision approach follows the natural areolar shape of the patient and is typically best for someone who has large areolas and small breast drooping that needs correction. The vertical breast reduction incision approach follows the same path as the periareolar around the areola but also extends directly down from the areola thus allowing a greater lift for moderate drooping. The inverted-T incision approach follows the same path as the periareolar and vertical breast incision; however, it also includes an incision within the breast fold. The inverted-T incision approach is the most common, most predictable and allows for the maximum breast lift. The technique that is right for you depends on the amount of breast volume, tissue and the degree of ptosis (breast sagging) you have.

Which is better? Breast augmentation? Breast lift? Or both?

Each procedure offers its own set of unique advantages and disadvantages. You must understand that a breast augmentation focuses on size and shape of the breast and will not correct drooping breasts. Unlike breast augmentation, a breast lift focuses primarily on breast position and will not increase the size of your bust. Often a breast lift is done in conjunction with breast augmentation so that the breasts can be restored to a more youthful position and a volume increase is added with the use of an implant Having a breast augmentation with a lift, which is called an augmentation/pexy, will give you some upper breast fullness along with repositioning sagging breasts and nipple areas.

Making the decision to alter your breasts is very personal.  During a consultation with our professional staff each step and procedure will be thoroughly explained.  Each step will be considered with your goals in mind.  Once we properly analyze every part of your current and desired body type, our doctors will tailor a plan to perfectly suit you.

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