Face & Jaw Contouring

The perfect jaw line and face shape is partially subjective but it is also based in mathematics. Historically, the Golden Ratio of 1.618:1 has been found in nature and in human made constructions. Along with the Golden Ratio, balance is always considered beautiful.  To improve your facial dimensions, we need to analyze what kind of facial structure you have, what kind of look you wish to have and apply mathematical formulas.



Mammaplasty surgery is the technical term for what is commonly called a  “boob job”, include both augmentation (enlargement) and reduction to the breasts, usually to women.  While the vast majority of operations include enhancement, a substantial number of patients request reduction for functional and aesthetic value. The typical desired effect is a natural, gentle slope, forward and proportional nipple. There are several methods to achieve this goal, with the most common being a saline implant to reduce scar tissue. These procedures tend to increase a woman’s self confidence and mental health.

Depending on your skin type, body type, incision points and size you wish to be, the doctor will determine which options are available for you


Body Contouring

Body Contouring involves a series of procedures that eliminate and/or reduce excess skin and fat in a variety of places including the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs. Body contouring is often done after massive weight loss and in cases where genetics predispose certain areas of your body to store more fat even if you have a healthy weight and exercise often. The most common types of procedures include liposuction and laser sculpting.

Another form of body contouring is more focused on beauty rather than function. These procedures improve the look of areas you want to change. For example, some common procedures are calf reduction and Vaginoplasty.



You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes, as the eyes are often a gateway into the human heart and soul. For this reason eyes are usually the one thing that people will most easily recognize. Why not have the eyes you always wanted? Large and clear eyes with beautiful and matching proportions are sought after by using the “golden eye ratio”, which mathematical precision can be seen in the works of artists Leonardo De Vinci and Salvador Dali and also in architecture, such as the Greek Parthenon.

Since the eyes sit on either side of the face, they play an important party of symmetry.  Just millimeters distance can make the difference between a balanced and imbalanced face.



Commonly called a “nose job”, many people find that a rhinoplasty is a perfect enhancement on the face. Since most people’s noses are not perfectly symmetrical (balanced), this procedure (commonly shorted to rhino), can bring a perfect harmony to the face. There are several things a surgeon might attempt to achieve: removal of bumps, narrowing nostril width or changing the angle between the nose and the mouth. Surgeons use complicated mathematical equations to ensure you have a wonderfully place nose that will compliment the rest of your face.


Botox, Filler, and Anti-aging

For years people have searched the globe for the “fountain of youth”, which was said to keep people young for the rest of their lives.  While this may never be possible, anti-aging procedures will keep you appearing to be in your  “golden years”.

The goals of these procedures are to tighten droopy skin, improve pigmentation and skin elasticity, and smooth out thick and deep wrinkles.

This is an incredibly huge and  advanced field which has numerous, ingenious techniques.


For Men

In recent years, plastic surgery has become more and more popular among men. Despite its past of being considered a “taboo” or  not masculine, many men nowadays are seeking to accomplish their dream figures through plastic surgery.  There are many surgical procedures that will improve the face and body of men, and the field is constantly growing. Most men who undergo surgical enhancements become more confident with their looks, just as women do.